Events & Festivals

Big Deez is not only about the sauce. We also host supperclubs and other dining events where you can come and taste our lovely treats from a menu curated by Devante himself. Brunch clubs and supperclubs are how it all began so its only right that we continue with them. 

We will also be attending some great festivals and the list of all our future events can be found on this page. We look forward to seeing you at one of them. 



We are excited to be showcasing our sauces at the London Brunch Festival 2019. It is the 2nd year of this festival, last year was a big hit and this year will be even bigger. There will be lots to enjoy including coffee, booze, music, workshops and the pièce de résistance.............brunch!!! Come expectantly because all the brands will be bringing their "A" game.

Details and tickets can be found at the link below:

Keep checking our website to stay updated on future events.