Big Deez Brew Beer Presentation Pack-3 Bottles

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Country Bumpkin IPA(ABV 4.8%), Duke of Hazard Porter(ABV 5.1%) and Junkyard Dog Stout(ABV 4.8%) in a presentation box. 

Brewed locally, in Muswell Hill, our Country Bumpkin IPA is classed as an India IPA. It comes with a refreshing, smooth, light taste and is not as hoppy as many current IPAs. It’s floral and tropical aroma which evokes passion fruit, lychee and gooseberry is derived from the combination of US citra, cascade and local N10 hops. A great accompaniment for spicy foods.

Awkward, Simple, Rustic

Our Duke of Hazard, although well hopped, has a distinctive smoky taste which comes from the infusion of wood from a whisky barrel. Great with English bangers, this dark beer is made from brown malts which turn red when you it put up to the light.

Smoky, Woody, Daring

Our Junkyard Dog Stout is the perfect hair of the dog and goes well with oval shaped French pastries. Infused with locally sourced Muswell Hill coffee, it is brewed with flaked oats and dark malts making it a beer for coffee lovers.

Butch, Dark, Rugged



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